piątek, 12 maja 2017

general information part 3

Today even more interesting information about Romania. Check this out:
First of all, if you are a fan of camping and if you want to pitch a tent you can do this everywhere, except for the private area. There are no penalties for camping beyond the places designated for that purpose so people often prefer this kind of solution, above all near the mountains where you can admire a beautiful view in the morning.
Secondly, if you decide to visit some smaller towns you can find there an amazing thngs. In the traditonal zones of Romania you will see the omnipresent folklore. The traditional practices, people, outfits, their way of life and oral traditions like proverbs, tales or jokes. 
Next, in the cities probably you won't have a problem with communication in English but if you are planning to visit some smaller ones be sure to take phrase book. It will definitely help you to survive. 
After that, be careful and watch out for the stray dogs. There are a lot of them in Romania. 
Next, you can find a roadmaps and guidebooks almost at each gas station, bookstore or in some turist points in every city. 

czwartek, 11 maja 2017

general informaton part 2

This time I would like to present you more information for the drivers. Some time ago I have already written about travelling by car in Romania but this time I will tell you more about the roads and about the interesting facts related to this fact.
First of all, what you have to do before crossing the border by car is to buy a vignette. It is a sticker which has to be applied on the inside of the windshield. You can buy it in the special point near the border crossing points or at the gas station. 
Secondly, the road infrastructure is developing really fast so on some new roadmaps you won't find every road. On the other hand, this is a good news.
Next, you have to be prepared if you will see a herd of cows walking near the road or some horses because it is a normal view in the zones located far away from the urban centers. 
After that, in Romania you can't find as many gas stations as in Poland (but in general it isn't such a big difference, actually) so be sure to tank your car with the amount of fuel which you will need for the onward journey.
Finally, you can find some road signs with the inscrpition "Drum bun" or "Drum in lucru". The fisrt one wishes us a nice jourey but the second one informs us about the road under repair. Draw attention to them!
One more thing, sometimes near the road you can find some venders with the fresh fruits or vines. It is worth recommending.

środa, 10 maja 2017

general information

Today I will present some general information which can be useful if you are planning your trip to the land of Drakula. These tips would definitelly make your life easier during a stay in this country.
First of all, time in Poland is one hour behind so if we go to Romania we have to switch our time from 1 pm to 2pm. Secondly, if we want to cross the border, we will need only our passport or just our ID. Next, the prices in Romania are comparable to those in Poland so we don't need to worry about our budget. Then, despite the fact that a lot of people say that Romania is a dangerous country it isn't true. I can say that it is a safe place but it is better to ramain vigilant and be careful to not be robbed by pickpockets in the public places. After that, Orthodoxy is the dominant religion so you can find everywhere Orthodox churches. Finally, on the streets there is a lot of beggars, but in general there are not Romanian people but people of the gypsy origin.

czwartek, 4 maja 2017

Bucharest - The Little Paris

Bucharest which is located in the southern part of the country became the capital of Romania in 1862. It has about 2 million inhabitants. Over the centuries it has earned the unoffical name of  " The Little Paris"  because  of the amazing architecture which is a mix of the different architectural styles. Buildings were built in the period between two World Wars. You can find buildings at its characteristic style everywhere which make Bucharest very interesting city. Unfortunatelly, a lot of buildings were demaged during the war and sometimes even because of the earthquakes. The most powerful earthquake took place in 1977 and it had a magnitude of 7.2. Because of the last one, a great amount of buildings were demaged and about 33 large buildings collapsed. Down below you can see the pictures of "The Little Paris" and see why Bucharest gained this nickname.

travelling by car in Romania

Today I would like to give you some important informations about travelling by car in Romania. If you decide to travel by car instead of choosing train or bus you have to know what kind of traffic regulations exist in this country. First of all, the most important thing about travelling by car is the ban on drunk driving (this is the same regulation which exists in Poland so it should be logic for us). Secondly, you are obliged to use the passing beam during the day and obey right-hand traffic. Speed limit in the build-up area is 50 km per hour and inter-urban speed is 80 km per hour. Finally, children after the age of 12 can sit in the front seat.