piątek, 12 maja 2017

general information part 3

Today even more interesting information about Romania. Check this out:
First of all, if you are a fan of camping and if you want to pitch a tent you can do this everywhere, except for the private area. There are no penalties for camping beyond the places designated for that purpose so people often prefer this kind of solution, above all near the mountains where you can admire a beautiful view in the morning.
Secondly, if you decide to visit some smaller towns you can find there an amazing thngs. In the traditonal zones of Romania you will see the omnipresent folklore. The traditional practices, people, outfits, their way of life and oral traditions like proverbs, tales or jokes. 
Next, in the cities probably you won't have a problem with communication in English but if you are planning to visit some smaller ones be sure to take phrase book. It will definitely help you to survive. 
After that, be careful and watch out for the stray dogs. There are a lot of them in Romania. 
Next, you can find a roadmaps and guidebooks almost at each gas station, bookstore or in some turist points in every city. 

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